Annual Events

Back To School

At the end of the summer, we hold our Back to School event. Our largest occasion, we give away hundreds of bags of school supplies, thousands of pounds of groceries and hold a big BBQ that feeds hundreds of community members including our participants, their families and friends. We have interactive activities, such as art and science tables, ice cream making table, face painting, a visit from the fire department and relay races to name a few. This event is a wonderful way for our youth to spend time with their community.

Thanksgiving Meal

Each Thanksgiving, we prepare a homemade Thanksgiving holiday meal for our youth and their families and extend the invitation to the community. Each year we feed 300-500 people a turkey meal with all the sides and trimmings. We also distribute thousands of pounds of groceries to everyone who attends.

Holiday Movie Day

During the week of Christmas day, we take 40-50 youth to the movies to see a family film and have a special holiday lunch. This outing has become a special custom that participants look forward to every year.

Earth Day

Every Earth Day, we partner with the City of Oakland to teach our participants about their environment and take pride in making our community a greener place. We have special activities such as planting a garden at our center or the local library and learning how to conserve energy.

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