Volunteer Information

Like working with youth?

Help us give youth the personal interaction and support they need to become well-rounded adults. On a typical day, volunteers work one-on-one with youth or in small groups of participants reading together, facilitating our social emotional learning activities and physical fitness during our outdoors portion of the program.

Prefer the kitchen?

Help us in the kitchen. While guiding youth in understanding nutrition and food preparation, you help prepare lunch for the participants and volunteers.

Got friends?

Help us times ten by bringing in your friends or organization. OYA is entirely volunteer-run and we are always looking for more help.

Have a passion?

Help us diversify social emotional learning based lessons. Whether you’re an artist, cook, dentist or gardener, come in and share your passion with the youth. We will work with you to lead a 50-minute lesson to share your career, special interest or even unusual pet.


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We would love to learn more about you. Tell us about your interests, skills and volunteer experience.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please fill out a volunteer application.

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